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Performing & Coaching

Singing has allowed me to perform all over the world and achieve my dream of playing a leading lady on the West End. Since graduating from Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in 2014, I've had the pleasure of working with some of the UK's finest talent, musical directors and vocal coaches. I have attended dozens of auditions; I've also been a panelist myself at top Drama Schools and assisted in auditions on a number of shows. I am now dedicated to sharing my knowledge of the industry with aspiring singers. My focus is to create a nurturing environment where singers can explore their unique sound and develop their skills with confidence. I truly believe that everyone can learn to sing and I've experienced first-hand just how much it can enhance your life.

I trained to be a vocal coach after experiencing voice loss early on in my career. Our voice is our identity, our self-expression and in a performer's case - our whole world. When it doesn't behave how we want it to, it can feel extremely isolating. I have spent years studying and honing information to ensure no singer I work with feels lost or alone when it comes to their vocal health. 

The lessons are tailored to your individual learning style and preferences, and are designed to help you master the intricacies of vocal performance. My approach is flexible and adaptive, and my experience with a broad range of musical styles means I can help you develop the range and versatility you need to stand out as a singer. 

Career Highlights

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