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Book In With Lou

Whether you are new to singing or professionally trained, Louise is always taking on new clients and would love to work with you. Due to high demand, the best option is to book in and you'll receive an email with all the information needed for your first session. If you have a package or gift voucher, simply schedule your lessons using the services below and get started on your singing journey.


I'm a complete beginner, would you work with me? 
Of course! I love working with beginners, all singers are welcome.

I'm not a musical theatre performer, I'm looking to work on other genres of music. Can you help? 
Yes, I teach lots of different styles and vocal qualities.

I'm only in London for a quick visit and would like to book in for a one-off session, is this something you can do?
Yes, we can achieve quite a lot in one session so it's always worth the visit.

What is the youngest age you would consider teaching? 
I have taught many young singers and I recommend age 10 and above to be able to take on board the training.

I'm not professional, I just sing for fun. Can I still book a session? 
Of course. The greatest joy is singing for fun and I love working with anyone enthusiastic enough to learn.

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