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​Louise is a West End actress and vocal coach based in Soho, the heart of London's West End. She teaches all ages and abilities, from absolute beginners to professional recording artists. Many of Louise’s ‘beginners’ now pursue singing professionally, with some achieving great success in the industry. 


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Lou is amazing! She is so talented, welcoming, and an incredible vocal coach. My sessions with her helped me prepare for and book my dream role in Six The Musical. Can’t recommend her enough!

Certified Vocal Health First Aider 

The voice is so much more than vibrating vocal folds. When we sing, our whole body becomes a musical instrument, so it's important to look after your mind & body for a healthy voice. 

Louise believes it is a vocal coach's duty to promote vocal wellness and prevent vocal issues where possible. She has an awareness of how to spot a range of vocal dysfunction and imbalance. "Knowing what your voice is capable of and how to use it is incredibly empowering; I love sharing that with my singers."

Estill Voice Training (EVT)

This programme develops vocal skills based on analysing the process of vocal production. In Louise's lessons, she breaks down the fundamentals of singing in a fun and enjoyable way, focusing on:

  • Power, Source and Filter

  • Craft, Artistry and Performance Magic

  • Effort Levels

  • Dynamical Systems Theory and Attractor States

The Sing Space Coach

Louise is proud to be one of a select few recommended vocal coaches of The Sing Space, the world's first vocal gym, with over 5,000 members.

Arts Ed Drama School

Louise vocal coaches at one of the highest ranked drama schools in the world. She's passionate about working with young people, giving them the tools to thrive in the world of musical theatre. 

Watch The Journey...

One of Louise's singers documented her progress after just one session.

Listen to "No Such Word As Can't" Podcast

Louise talks about her own experience in the West End and how an unexpected vocal injury led to becoming a passionate voice coach. 

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